About Us

The Eastern Illinois Parrot Head Club (EIPHC) is a social organization sanctioned (2020 certificate) by the Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP) that unites people who love the music of Jimmy Buffett and who live in the Illinois counties of Champaign, Vermillion, Douglas, Ford and Coles, together for social, charitable, and educational purposes and to promote the general welfare of the community. The club was officially sanctioned by Parrot Heads in Paradise, the national charter on October 15, 2003. The members are people who love the "island" lifestyle, listen to Jimmy Buffett's music and appreciate the meaning of having a good time. In other words, the group knows how to "Party with a Purpose"!


The EIPHC members give of their time and talents through various service projects, as well as contributing financially throughout the year to different organizations. Their efforts vary widely in size and scope, but they touch and support many different community organizations throughout the region.


In 2005, the EIPHC began its signature event, "C-U in the Prairibbean", that benefits a local charity every year through and evening of outdoor music, always including The Boat Drunks, a nationally renowned tropical rock band based in Champaign. The event includes a live and silent auction, food and drinks, and a cash raffle. Through the efforts of EIPHC during these past years, the following charities have received event proceeds to sustain their respective community efforts:


   2021 Developmental Services Center $5,060 (Virtual Event)

   2020 Developmental Services Center $5,886 (Virtual Event)

   2019 Developmental Services Center $38,799

   2018 Developmental Services Center $39,492

   2017 Developmental Services Center $50,395

   2016 Developmental Services Center $54,687

   2015 Developmental Services Center $51,630

   2014 Developmental Services Center $53,616

   2013 Developmental Services Center $60,012

   2012 Developmental Services Center $41,169

   2011 Developmental Services Center $41,158

   2010 Developmental Services Center $38,327

   2009 Mills Breast Cancer Institute $24,840

   2008 Cunningham Children's Home $26,000

   2007 Camp New Hope/MIX 94.5 Christman Wish List $9,500 ea. Total of $19,000

   2006 American Heart Association (Local Chapter) $21,028

   2005 Alzheimer's Association (Local Chapter) $20,000

The EIPHC has given back over $591,099 to local community organizations!