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The Crew is the executive board of Eastern Illinois Parrot Head Club. The crew meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm in the conference room of the Developmental Services Center. All members are welcome to attend.

Our Address:

Eastern Illinois Parrot Head Club

PO Box 1314

Champaign, IL 61824-1314

Meeting Location:

Riggs Beer Company

1901 Highcross Rd

Urbana, IL 61802 

(Typically 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm)

The Officers

President: Steve Kamradt

Immediate Past President: Julie Skinner

Vice President: Jeannine Reese

Treasurer: Connie Walsh

Secretary: Denise Reid

Membership: Karen Kalal

The Crew

Gary Burdine (2024)

Karen Kalal (2024)

Carol Kamradt (2024)

Brian Reid (2024)

Jodie Harmon (2025)

Dale Morrissey (2025)

Denise Reid (2025)

Cathy Reynolds (2025)

Steve Kamradt (2026)

Missy Paris (2026)

Jeannine Reese (2026)

Connie Walsh (2026)

Past Presidents

Current President:  Steve Kamradt

2018-2019:  Julie Skinner

2016-2018: Sue Outlaw

2015-2016: Steve Kamradt

2011-2015: Connie Walsh

2009-2011: Steve Kamradt

2008-2009: Dave Chestnut

2006-2008: Julie Skinner

2005-2006: Todd Lindsey

2003-2005: Nancy Schalber

Crew Financial Forms:

      Voucher for Reimbursement


      Debit Card Documentation

      Deposit Record

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